Closing Services

The process of completing a real estate transaction during which the seller delivers title to the buyer in exchange for payment of the purchase price is referred to as the closing or settlement.

Once a purchase contract is entered into, it is submitted to the closing agent who processes and finalizes the transaction by executing the terms of the contract. This process includes such items as paying off liens against the property, ordering inspections, doing a complete search of the legal records pertaining to the real estate, and finally consummating the transaction at the settlement or closing date.

Title Services of the Plains has on staff attorneys to aid you in the preparation of your documents to expedite your closings. We have taken great pride in our ability to bring buyer and seller together and complete real estate transaction in an efficient and accurate manner. Whether we are in a residential, commercial, or agricultural setting, we have the necessary experience and staff to solve and resolve all issues relating to the satisfactory conclusion of a closing.